Founded on the principles of being
client-centric and result-driven, Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates and Legal Consultants has become a legal powerhouse that consistently delivers exceptional services.

The founder’s vision is to become the
industry leader- the law firm of choicefor national and international clients.
We do that by bringing talent and experience from across the firm and creating value-based solutions for our clients, helping them in legal matters

Our specialist expertise in Law is coupled with processes that ensure a
smooth customer journey. We help
corporations, financial institutions,
landowners, business owners, and the
government with legal, financial, arbitration, and taxation issues

Diversity and inclusion are vital components of our practice, and we pride ourselves on having a multilingual team providing legal aid, action, representation, and coverage in eight different languages.




To consistently be a leading and premium law services provider in U.A.E. with a strong global presence.


To create the best personalized client experience inspired by client-centric and result-driven principles.


Pursuing justice for our clients.

We do whatever it takes to pursue justice for our clients.

The firm you need on your side.

The best lawyers and law firm in the city with a proven record of successes.


Sincerity: We master our work with devotion

Professionalism: We practice our work with professionalism.

Expertness: Our experience is the core of our success.

Diversity: Our diversity is the path to personalize every client’s experience.


Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates & Legal Consultants is a group of expert lawyers based in Dubai. Inspired by client-centric and result-driven principles AlNajjar lawyers was founded and has become a legal powerhouse that consistently delivers exceptional legal services in the United Arab Emirates. Mohammad Al Najjar as the founder and one of the best lawyers in Dubai as well as U.A.E. aims to be the law firm of choice for local and international clients whether they exist in U.A.E. or abroad. Our expertise in law is incorporated into processes created to ensure a smooth client journey. We offer assistance for example but not limited to corporations, financial institutions, landowners, investors, business owners and government officials with legal, financial, arbitration and taxation issues amongst many others. Our distinguished team of lawyers specializes in numerous law aspects. Together, we form the best legal consultants in Dubai and U.A.E. Our diversity and inclusion are vital components of our practice. We pride ourselves on having a cosmopolitan team to provide legal assistance, representation and coverage in eight different languages.


At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we offer world-class law services to our clients.

Pairing experience with excellence helps us to be the legal powerhouse of choice in UAE, and our lawyers have interdisciplinary experience in different fields of law and business.

Our legal counselors have been representing corporates and business owners at the highest level for the past 20 years in company incorporation, business compliance counseling, dispute resolution, corporate restructuring and defense before the court of law for any lawsuit including employment lawsuits.


At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we focus on meeting the requirements of business clients.

We are the number 1 choice for multinational corporations seeking high-class counseling in any matters that overlap and intersect their business activities.

Our lawyers very well understand diverse legal, financial and business-related issues that our clients might face, and they dedicate themselves to clients’ businesses so they can anticipate, manage and mitigate any risks or challenges that may be on the horizon.

We help companies and their board of counselors to solve any complex issues that can impact their day-to-day or long-term operations.


At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we find the best solutions to our client’s challenges and issues. Our team of lawyers and legal consultants have a complete understanding of our clients’ fields of operations no matter how complex they are.

We view the issues and difficulties from a business perspective, then we develop personalized plans that best meet our clients’ expectations, goals and objectives whether for the short or long term.


At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top-notch legal service in a very cost-efficient way.

Our extensive experience allows us to handle complex and difficult legal issues professionally and efficiently.

We can understand that the cost of having a lawyer on your side can be of great concern to our clients, and this is why we offer flexible payment structures and rates personalized to each client’s needs individually.