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Abu Dhabi driving license renewal 2022

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Abu Dhabi driving license renewal

Abu Dhabi driving license renewal is one of the most important procedures, but at the same time it is the easiest; so that you can move easily and safely within the country. Without renewing your license, you are restricted in movement within the emirate. So if you are a citizen of the emirate of Abu Dhabi or a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and want to renew the expired Abu Dhabi driving license, you should know the validity of the traffic license in Abu Dhabi is ten years. For residents of the UAE, the validity of the driving license lasts only five years. Each driving license includes the validity date; but first make sure to pay for any traffic violations before you take the step of renewing the driving license in the UAE in general and in Abu Dhabi in particular through the Traffic Code, Website, smartphone app or Smart Pass service.

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Abu Dhabi driving license renewal fees:

Driver’s license renewal fees vary depending on the number of years of renewal:

Driving license renewal fee for more than one year: AED 300

One year driving license renewal fee: AED 100

Fines for late renewal of Abu Dhabi driver’s license per month (if applicable): AED 10

You can pay the fees by credit card, electronically, or by cash.

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 Official destinations you get to head to renew your Abu Dhabi driving license:

  1. you can renew your Abu Dhabi license through Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Services, which is one of the easiest procedures, you only need to prepare your valid Emirates ID ( vehicle owner ) and start the renewal procedures. To check any steps of the Abu Dhabi Police, you can contact this number on 8003333, the official working time is from 7:30 AM to 2:30 pm.
  2. electronically by visiting the Abu Dhabi Traffic website or by downloading the Abu Dhabi Police application, which provides the service of renewing Abu Dhabi driving license electronically: https://www.adpolice.gov.ae
  3. you can also renew your Abu Dhabi driving license through the “Tamm” website and choose the service to renew the driving license and this service is available to citizens, residents, or investors provided that the owner of the car has paid the violations that exceed 6 months for the traffic code and all violations collected on the license: https://www.tamm.abudhabi/
  4. using the Smart Pass service, which is a gesture of government initiatives, an electronic service provided by the government of the UAE to make it easier for citizens and residents to complete any government procedures and obtain any government services with ease.


Steps to renew Abu Dhabi driving license:

The steps to renew an Abu Dhabi driver’s license in all areas are similar: paying the license renewal fee, making sure there are no traffic violations or fines, As well as the need to carry out the eye fingerprint to renew the Abu Dhabi driving license through “Yateem” optics, which is the authority authorized by the Abu Dhabi Police to conduct the eye test driving license for new applicants and also for those applying to renew the driver’s license together, you only need to visit any of the branches of Yateem and then receiving a new driver’s license.

We must note:

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and want to obtain a motorcycle license in Abu Dhabi, all you have to do is register for training courses to issue a motorcycle license in Abu Dhabi through Emirates Driving Company Abu Dhabi

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