Registration and Notarization of leases in the UAE

After finding the right housing or the right place that you want to rent, whether it is a house, apartment, villa or whatever place you want to rent you have to sign the lease agreement between the owner and the tenant and to complete the lease agreement between the owner (or real estate agent) and the tenant the tenant must submit the following documents:

  • Valid ID card
  • Valid copy of valid passport
  • Postdated checks covering the agreed duration of the lease.


Registration and Notarization of leases in the UAE

It is one of the mandatory steps that must be adhered to after signing the lease agreement between the owner and the tenant – whether it is a house, Villa, apartment, or whatever the rented place – so that he can benefit from the services of water connection, electricity connection, parking permit, internet connection services, telecommunications services, and other services provided by the competent departments and institutions.

Notarization of the lease in Abu Dhabi:

If the rented space is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the owner must notarize the lease through the website of the Abu Dhabi Municipality via the “notarization system”

Tawtheeq service:

It is a rental contract authentication service in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and you can register for the Tawtheeq service through:

Abu Dhabi Municipality website and fill out the form for Tawtheeq service

This is done through a unified model of lease contracts in order to facilitate and simplify the procedures for the landlord and tenant without any ambiguity or difficulty in formulating the unified model.

Once you are registered in Tawtheeq service, the service will take care of the rest of the procedures. Tawtheeq system removes the burden and effort from all parties concerned because it is linked to the Abu Dhabi Municipality system. Water and electricity services can be provided in ADDC – for your property or rented place – automatically once you are registered in Tawtheeq service without the need to submit another request to connect the service.

Alternatively, you can document your lease in person by visiting the customer service center at Abu Dhabi Municipality headquarters or one of its affiliated centers.

When the contract is notarized, 3% is charged as an annual rental fee from the contract value and is collected through the electricity and water bill divided into twelve months as due fees.


Notarization of the lease in Dubai:

RERA stressed that the various leases must be registered through the “Ejari” system of the Department of land and landlords, and these contracts are registered by the owner or the tenant or through both without notifying one of the other; but if there is any dispute between the owner and the tenant on this matter, the tenant must go to the rent committee in Dubai Municipality, which requires the tenant to submit the lease contract certified by the RERA before resolving the dispute between them .

According to local law No. 43 of 2013 in Dubai, rent increases can be applied in the emirate when compared to the average rent in the region according to the RERA Increase Calculator.

The tenant must pay the housing fee to Dubai Municipality, which amounts to 5% of the annual rental fee. Housing fees are added to monthly bills for electricity and water.

To register for Ejari, please submit the following documents:

  • UAE visa, passport, if you are a GCC national
  • Residence visa of the tenant
  • Original lease agreement issued by the agency
  • Escrow deposit receipt
  • Copy of owner’s passport and title deed
  • Commercial license if the place is rented for a commercial purpose
  • Fill in the form of undertaking the validity of the data, in case of registration through the trustees of real estate services
  • In case of renewal, please submit one of DEWA’s invoices and my previous lease
  • Property number


Ejari website:

The tenant pays the Eijari online system fee, which is AED 170 excluding VAT, the account holder will receive the Eijari certificate including the lease agreement, registration certificate and payment receipt within two business days once the fees are paid and the required documents are uploaded .

Ejari smart app:

The registration fee for the contract through the application is AED 170

Printing centers:

Such as Manara Center, Dubai Healthcare City, Port Said, Al Barsha Mall and others.

The contract registration fee is AED 220 inclusive of VAT.


Notarization of the lease in Sharjah:

Rental contracts are registered and notarized in the emirate of Sharjah within 15 days from the date of registration of the contract, through the rental regulation department at Sharjah Municipality

Documents to be submitted to document a lease in Sharjah:

These papers can be submitted visiting one of the branches of the Office of “Tasheel” such as Falcon center, Investment Center for services.

Or upload them electronically on the municipality’s website if the documentation is online, and the required documents are as follows:

  • A copy of the passport of the owner and the tenant
  • A copy of the property title deed
  • A copy of the tenant’s marriage certificate, if any
  • The tenant’s salary should not be less than 4 thousand dirhams, with the submission of a copy of the work contract
  • Electricity stamp from Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority

Lease documentation fees in Sharjah:

The residential lease documentation fee is 4% of the annual rental allowance, with a minimum amount of AED 500.the fee is paid by the owner. The fees can be paid through Tasheel card or credit card if the documentation is through Sharjah Municipality website.

The tenant can resort to court if the landlord fails to authenticate and certify the lease, and the landlord is fined for non-certification in an amount up to three times the value of the certification, as well as the failure of the municipality to accept non-certified leases in any dispute or provide any services.


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