Check Dubai visa through passport 2022

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Check Dubai visa through passport


UAE, Tourism destination number one in the Arab world, which attracts millions of tourists every day from different parts of the world, each according to the goal of his visit, whether the goal is entertainment, education, treatment, investment, work, from here the visa you plan to obtain varies depending on the purpose of your visits to the UAE, like how long you intend to stay, and your nationality; Therefore, the UAE issues more than a hundred different types of visas throughout the year, and just like we used to from the wise management of the UAE, the authorities always make sure that you obtain your visa easily through flexible , very fast procedures.


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In witness whereof, we will explain to you below how to check Dubai visa using passport number only:

  1. Visit the Identity and Nationality Authority website
  2. Click on e-services
  3. Select (passport information)
  4. Then click on Select, Visa, then choose the type of visa you want to check.
  5. Enter the required data as follows:
  6. Passport number.
  7. Passport expiration date.
  8. Nationality determination.


As a routine step by most service websites, in order to keep the information confidential, and to ensure the quality and accuracy of the provided service, you will click on an empty box below, these boxes to make sure that you are human and not a robot.

And as a last step, click on the search box, to show you all the information and data you would like to receive to check Dubai visa, or any other type of visa .

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