What is Civil Law?

Civil Law is the legal system originated in Europe and not long after it was also adopted in many other
places of the world. The civil law system is intellectualized within the framework of old Roman law, and
empowered by core principles codified into a referable system which are serving as the primary source of
civil Law.
The civil law usually regulates matters related to daily life of individuals, companies, and establishments.
The UAE’s civil law governs the civil and commercial disputes whether being between individuals or
companies. Sharia is the core principle of UAE’s civil law along with other principles which have been
inspired from the Roman and French legal systems.

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At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we have the best civil lawyers in Dubai. Our team can represent our unique clients before all types of courts in UAE. We have deep experience dealing with different subjects of civil law such insurance, compensation, contracts, property, family relations, civil wrongs causing physical injury or injury to the property, employment, and financial issues related to bankruptcy or bank disputes.

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Our distinguished team of lawyers specializes in numerous law aspects. Together, we form the best legal consultants in Dubai and U.A.E. Our diversity and inclusion are vital components of our practice.


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