Conditions of accepting the plea request in the UAE

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Conditions of accepting the plea request in the UAE

Asking for plea request legally:

It is a request that submitted by the person -who has been sentenced or punished- to the authority that having the right to mitigate or remove this sentence under the law or the constitution; after the person has passed all stages of litigation and legal provisions.

The person who decided to submit a plea request or sympathy in the UAE must seek the assistance of a well versed lawyer who’s specialized in such matters, and the lawyer, in turn, will write the proper and professional legal formulation for the request for forgiveness, and he will also follow all the procedures for the plea request.


Conditions of accepting the plea request:


  1. The request for mercy must be related to a party in the criminal action.
  2. The applicant must be registered with the public prosecution through the following link:
  3. The plea request is submitted in the UAE through multiple channels and service providers; either through the personal presence to the customer care offices: the main Premises, Naturalization Prosecution, the traffic prosecution, the Al Muraqqabat center or the Joint Service Center), Or through self-service screens, smart devices or by visiting the website of the public prosecution
  • Second: 
  1. Specifies the service of requesting a mercy within the services field


Third :

Determine the type of the plea request according to the type of sentence against him:

  • Plea request related to a criminal actions.
  • Plea request related to Naturalization Prosecution provisions.
  • Plea request related to traffic violations and its provisions.
  • Plea request related to issues of opinion.
  • Plea request related to Extradition.
  • Plea request related to an interception.
  • Plea request related to money laundering provisions.
  • Plea request related to judicial evidence.
  • Plea request related to provisions on stolen vehicle reports.
  • Plea request related to rehabilitation cases.
  • Plea Request related to a recovery cases.


  • Fourthly:
    Provide mandatory data
  • The name of the applicant must be identical to the passport
  • Choose whether you are a resident or a visitor, and fill in the following mandatory data:
  • ID number if you are a UAE resident, and passport number if you are a UAE visitor.
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • The applicant’s status:

Accused / lawyer of the accused / lawyer of the victim / representative of the lawyer of the accused / representative of the lawyer of the victim / complainant / sponsor / expert / witness / objector / representative of the government sector / representative of the private sector / a party to the case.

  • Enter Email Address
  • The mobile number, provided that it is registered with your Emirates ID card, you will then receive a confirmation text message before registering the application.
  • Then attach a detailed application form in Arabic (it is a must) with the reasons.

For more information and details, you can contact us


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