Coronavirus Awareness

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a spate of new and complex legal issues to arise due to its deep impact on the personal lives of people as well as on businesses and industries. Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates & Legal consultants offers a wide variety of services to assist you in legal queries that may concern you during these trying times. The advocates at Mohammad AL Najjar Advocates and Legal consultant, have been keeping abreast of these topics and have also been involved in many developments in the legal sector after the onset of the pandemic. Therefore, we are well equipped to advise, prepare an act on your behalf for any issues concerning the operation of law in the context of these unexpected circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic has had an affect on the rights of the individuals as well as businesses. The following areas of law have been amended or discussed extensively:

Employment Law:

There has been an increase in the loss of employment or the inability to retain staff by corporations. Advice can be provided on the issues that concern the rightful termination of employment and the remuneration or privileges that must be offered to the employees. The government has also created rules and compliance for the health and safety of workers in certain industries which include but are not limited to check-ups and reports that must be maintained.

Termination of Contracts:

The termination of contracts due to the disruption of the supply chain between manufacturers and suppliers has merited the question of lawful termination of these contracts and the doctrine of force majeure. Extensive due diligence is required to be conducted by companies into previous agreements that they have signed to determine methods to mitigate damages and re-negotiate contracts.


Real Estate and Tenancy Law:

Courts have been addressing issues regarding inability to pay rent by the tenant or for the termination of lease. The housing sector and the rent payments or the search for suitable accommodation has become problematic presently, which has required the issue to be addressed by the legal sector.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law:

Several multi-national/domestic corporations have been affected by the pandemic wherein several corporations have either declared insolvency or requested relaxations from the courts and other authorities for extensions of repayment of loans and mortgages.


Health and Medical Law:

Finally, the primary changes in the legal industry have been for the protection of healthcare workers, the production of pharmaceuticals and the access to healthcare.

Considering the mutating nature of the position of law during the pandemic, it is advisable to consult a lawyer prior to making any decisions. The lawyers at Mohammad Al Najjar Legal Advocates and Consultants, will be able to adequately guide you during this crisis.

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