Criminal Law

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law mainly defines criminal offenses. It regulates the apprehension, charging and trials of suspected persons. Criminal law also fixes penalties and modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders.
Criminal law in UAE defines the crime under federal penal code, and the main provisions of criminal law in UAE are mostly derived from Sharia.

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At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates our team consists of the best criminal lawyers in Dubai with comprehensive knowledge of all crime types in the modern world. With the knowledge our team has and the experience of 25+ years working in the criminal law field.
The UAE’s government always adapts to new technology and its very wide spread, and understands that when it comes to technology and how useful it could be, it can also be used in abusive ways which require precautionary measures to regulate the usage in mainland.

Our best criminal lawyers can represent our valued clients in many aspects criminal law such as:


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