DIFC Courts

What is DIFC courts?

DIFC Courts are an independent English language common law judiciary and it is based in Dubai city, particularly Dubai International Financial Centre. Its jurisdiction is governing civil and commercial disputes whether nationally, regionally or worldwide.
Inspired by the cultural diversity in the city of Dubai and being one of the busiest hubs in the region for trading and exchanging the DIFC court had arisen in 2006 with its current focus on commercial and civil disputes.

How can we help?

At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates our team is arbitration and dispute resolution lawyers in Dubai. Our team has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of disputes in DIFC courts through practicing dispute resolution before DIFC courts for many previous clients. This helps our team to consistently offer the best representation to our clients before DIFC courts in UAE.

Our DIFC Court lawyers can provide the best representation and advice for the below services:


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