Dubai Rental Dispute Center 2022

Dubai Rental Dispute Center


The Rental Disputes Center in Dubai came to replace the special judicial committee – by Decree No. 2 of 1993 – with the aim of resolving real estate rental disputes between lessees and tenants.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, in his capacity as ruler of the emirate of Dubai, issued Decree No. 26 of 2013 establishing the Dubai Rental Dispute Center of the land and landlords Department, which is an integrated judicial system that works to resolve real estate disputes in all their forms between both the tenant and the lessor in a professional, quick and simple manner in order to achieve stability in the emirate and ensure the achievement of the maximum levels of social and economic justice.

This center of the land Department aims to make Dubai the first real estate destination in the world by relying on integrated continental legislation that achieves justice and responds to the rights with the utmost integrity, which will in turn encourage real estate investment as well as spread real estate awareness.

The step of establishing a Dubai Rental Dispute Center to separate the lessor from the lessee through a group of judges and members with experience and high competencies at the level of the UAE, so that these cases related to real estate disputes are referred first to the Department of conciliation and reconciliation; in order to find quick, friendly and satisfactory solutions for each of the parties to the dispute, and then referred to the first instance committees and then Appeal Committees.

According to the report published by the Land Department website, the center succeeded in resolving 8,713 rent disputes amicably during the first half of 2021, and the report showed that the Dubai Rental Dispute Center succeeded in resolving 61,555 first-instance Rent cases between 2015 and the end of 2020, and this success contributed significantly to enhancing the community’s confidence in the laws and legislative system in the emirate of Dubai.

The Dubai Rental Dispute Center for the resolution of rental disputes consists of the judicial sector and the administrative sector and the administrative sector provides administrative and technical support to the judicial sector.


Dubai Rental Dispute Center is based on five regulatory departments:

1- Conciliation Department

The role of this department lies in resolving the rental disputes between the parties concerned amicably through the appearance of the parties to the disputes or their representatives to the department and considers all documents and documents related to the disputes and tries to resolve the dispute amicably by bringing together the views between the parties; this is done by a number of claims that have been registered before this act are excluded Decree on the Dubai Rental Dispute Center for the resolution of rental disputes.

2. Department of Law Enforcement:

This department implements all judgments issued from evictions and financial claims.

3. Department of Central Support:

 It is the department concerned with registration, support, legal support, advertising and litigation support.

4. First Instance Circuits:

After the amicable solutions through the conciliation Department fail, the cases are sent to the first instance Department, which strives to find alternative and quick solutions that are satisfactory to all parties; by a number of judges and experts.

5- Appellate Circuits:

An appeal can be filed in rental claims that are worth more than AED 100,000 and are final and not subject to appeal by any means of Appeal, but there are some special cases in which it can be appealed even though it is less than the amount mentioned above, as stipulated in Article 17 of Law No. 26 of the year2013


The services provided by the Rental Dispute Dubai Rental Dispute Center are divided into two parts:

1-Temporary orders services, urgent cases, registration of cases and appeals services:

Litigation and appeals services:

This service provides information on the registration fees of rental cases beginning with the amicable settlement in the Department of conciliation and reconciliation and then submitted to the committees for preliminary or challenged in the appellate committees. These cases are summarized as follows:

  • Appeal proceedings0
  • Appeal proceedings
  • Interpretation proceedings
  • Omission proceedings
  • Execution proceedings
  • Dispute proceedings for amicable settlement
  • First Instance proceedings
  • Appeal proceedings.


Urgent litigation services and temporary orders:

This service provides the possibility of obtaining an order from the judge of urgent matters to decide and consider cases that require quick and binding decisions for all parties. These services are as follows:

  • Services under request for proposal and deposit
  • Services under request order on a petition
  • Reservation request
  •  Services under performance order

It should be noted here that there are certain rental disputes that are not within the powers and competencies of Dubai Rental Dispute Center, namely:

  • Rent disputes related to free zones; where they have special courts or judicial committees specialized in resolving these disputes within their borders.
  • Lease disputes resulting from the financial lease agreement.
  • Disputes resulting from long-term leases.

You can see the text of the Decree No. (26) Of 2013 Concerning the Rent Disputes Settlement Centre in the Emirate of Dubai, please click on the following link: