E-Commerce License in Dubai

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E-Commerce License in Dubai

E-Commerce License in Dubai | Many economic sources have proven the increase in the popularity of electronic shopping operations  and e-commerce over traditional trade during the past decades with the increase in transactions between people electronically over the world and many of them began to start their own business projects through the Internet, and the Corona pandemic came to revive the e-commerce market and e-shopping – which has become It is an imperative in which most consumers have no choice – in the Arab world in general, and in the United Arab Emirates in particular; the UAE played a major and pioneering role in the recovery and prosperity of e-commerce in the entire Middle East.



E-commerce licenses in the UAE:

Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority- TDRA – is the authority responsible for regulating the e-commerce framework in the country, and digital certification of transactions – which was established by Cabinet Decision 8/291 of 2006 dated October 15, 2006 – in accordance with Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 regarding commerce Electronic and Transactions Published in The UAE Official Gazette, volume No. 442, 36th year.

This law and the respective CSP Regulations apply to electronic certification service providers in the country, and anyone who provides electronic certification services directly or indirectly to the public for a commercial purpose, and related to electronic records, documents and signatures related to electronic transactions and commerce.

Anyone planning to establish an online business through websites or social media should apply to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the respective emirate to obtain a license application, and then to provide what is known as Non objection letter ( NOC ) for Practicing E-Activity which declare that the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority- TDRA has no concerns.


E-Commerce License in Dubai:

The Emirate of Dubai has issued Electronic Transactions and Commerce Law No. (2) Of 2020, which legalizes electronic business transactions and projects. Hence, protects their intellectual rights from fraud and forgery related to correspondence and e-commerce, and removes any potential obstacles from the parties concerned with e-commerce.

DED Trader License from Dubai:

The e Trader license from Dubai Economy DED provides the possibility of commerce via social networking sites; In addition to practicing self-employment and home commerce, this license includes UAE nationals and GCC nationals residing in Dubai and allows them to practice business activities through various social media networks.



Conditions for obtaining “e Trader License”:

  • The applicant must create a DED trader account and register on the website. The license can also be renewed through the website or through a mobile message by sending a message to No. 6969 with the special commercial number, a month is given in case of delay in the renewal of the license, the private trade name will be canceled and you must register on the site again:


2- a valid Emirates ID or a passport, and the license is limited to the applicant only, as no more than one person can be registered on a trader’s license; Not to be under 18 years old.

3- Attach a real address in the application form with the block No, and the DED in Dubai keeps the location data in its database with complete confidentiality.

4- The application fee is 1,070 UAE dirhams to be paid within 24 hours of obtaining the payment authorization, the system automatically cancels the payment authorization in the event of non-payment; The value cannot be refunded if the payment is completed.

5- Anyone who engages in electronic business without e Trader’s license is subject to legal liability.


Dubai CommerCity (DCC) free zone:

  • A boom in the world of e-commerce and shopping as it is the first free e-commerce zone in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, which aims to reach all over the world.

    According to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Dubai CommerCity succeeded in leasing 30% of its facilities in just two months in the first part of the development phase of the 2.1 million square feet free zone, at a cost of 3.2 billion dirhams, in a qualitative achievement of the new free zone.

    Dubai Commercity provides a unique e commerce ecosystem to global and regional brands with pre- and post-support that ensures the success of their projects and their investment in an impressive manner, starting with the use of effective means of communication, through the employment of skilled labor that guarantees the success of trade while developing plans for project development and marketing. It also provides warehouses designed with the latest smart technologies. To store goods and products. Moreover, to ensure that it reaches the local markets in record time.

    In case you want to get more information about setting up and operation of your e-commerce

    Call on: +9714-299-5555 or 600-5-DAFZA (24/7), or send an email to: info@dubaicommercity.ae

    For more details about E-Commerce License in Dubai contact us 

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