E-commerce license in UAE 2022

E-commerce license in UAE

E-commerce in the UAE, a realistic picture of the development of digital and electronic transactions in the United Arab Emirates, which The e-Commerce Section endeavors works to encourage, support and implement it. implementing the Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 on Electronic Commerce and Transactions, published in the Official Gazette of the United Arab Emirates, Volume 442, 36th year, Muharam 1427 H/January 2006.

These licenses came in line with what has been proven by many economic sources increasing the popularity of electronic shopping operations over traditional trade during the past decades with the increase of transactions between people electronically worldwide and many of them began to start their own business projects via the internet, and the corona pandemic came to revive the market of e-commerce and e – shopping-which has become an inevitable matter of no choice for most consumers-in the Arab world in general, and in the United Arab Emirates in particular; the UAE had the main and leading role in the recovery and prosperity of e-commerce in the entire Middle East .

In order to conduct your e – business through websites and social networking sites in the United Arab Emirates, you must first apply for a license to the Department of economic development of each emirate, as well as obtain a No Objection Certificate for conducting e – business from the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority – TDRA – established by the Ministerial Resolution No. (1) Of 2008 regarding the issuance of Certification Service Provider Regulations and based on Cabinet Decision 8/291 of 2006 dated October 15, 2006. TDRA is the authority responsible for the regulation and regulation of e-commerce in the country and the digital certification of transactions.


To obtain a No Objection Certificate:

First, you need to log in to the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority website – TDRA. And choose the service of obtaining a free fees No Objection Certificate for e-commerce.


Second: required documents:

  1. Copy of ID
  2. Copy of trade license (if applicable)
  3. Website link

Steps to get the service:

  1. filling out the electronic form
  2. Attach the required documents
  3. Inspection of the submitted application
  4. Receiving a no objection letter via e-mail and delivery at Customer Happiness Centers in TRA branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Third: conditions for obtaining a No Objection certificate:

Reserve national domain website (.ae)

If the business is on social media, the account link must be provided for each platform, with the need to submit a new request in case of changing the account name.

If the activity or business is an app on an app store such as Google, Apple and others, the name and link of the app (if any) should be available, and if the app is under development, an accurate description of the app and a picture of the main interface and website link should be provided .


Here is a list of e-commerce licenses in the UAE:

The Department of economic development in Dubai (DED), is the official authority responsible for regulating and legalizing trade and commercial projects through websites and social networking sites, it launched what is known as “Tajer license” that provides the possibility of trade through social networking sites, as well as to engage in self-employment and domestic trade .this license includes UAE nationals and GCC nationals residing in Dubai.

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E-commerce in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is officially managed by the Department of economic development in Abu Dhabi (ADDED), which works on issuing licenses that legalize and regulate online businesses through specific controls and provisions, So it launched what is known as “Tajer Abu Dhabi” license in 2017, and then expanded the business scope and commercial projects covered and supported by the license in 2018.

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E-commerce in the emirate of Sharjah, it can be summed up as e-commerce license (Etimad), the license granted by the Department of economic development in Sharjah (SEDD) as the official authority responsible for regulating the conduct of business in Sharjah as well as protecting home commerce through the websites; therefore, you must obtain an e-commerce license in Sharjah in order to support your national and home business projects.

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E-commerce license in Ras al khaimah (Virtual Trader):

An initiative of the Department of economic development in Ras Al Khaimah under the name of ( virtual Trader license), in light of the increasing trend towards e-commerce, in order to support projects and businesses that are marketed through the internet through websites, social networks, and smart applications.