Family Law

What is Family law?

Family law is the code that regulates any issues involving family matters and relationships. The majority of family law
issues are related to adoption, divorce and child custody amongst many others.

How can we help?

At Mohammad Al Najjar advocates we have deep experience in family issues and divorce related cases.
Our team forms the best family lawyers in Dubai and UAE including one of the best divorce lawyers in Dubai with a proven record of successes.
We are extremely committed and dedicated to pursuing justice for our clients, and we can offer representation, advices or dispute resolution in all aspects of family law such as divorce, custody, inheritance, marriage agreements whether it is registered in or outside the UAE.
To ensure that we provide the best legal services in relation to family law issues, we have the best lawyers in Dubai speaking 8 different languages so we can be at your help in your language or the one you choose.
Having a team with diversified cultural backgrounds gives us an advantage to be familiar with your country’s codes of family law, and this helps us to represent you with confidence to assure you the best outcome for your behalf.

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Our distinguished team of lawyers specializes in numerous law aspects. Together, we form the best legal consultants in Dubai and U.A.E. Our diversity and inclusion are vital components of our practice.


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