How to cancel judicial deportation 2022

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How to cancel judicial deportation


First let us explain what judicial deportation is:

Judicial deportation is a criminal measure and a legitimate right for any state to take against the foreigner who poses a threat to the security of its country. Who has been sentenced to a restricted sentence of freedom for a felony or misdemeanor, for committing a crime or a felony or sentenced in a case or for crimes involving sexual assault. This deportation procedure has negative and destructive effects on the deported persons and on all his family members, as the deported person is deprived of his job and all his interests in the state and the family who depend on him for their living.

Judicial deportation is issued under a court order in according to Article 121 of Law No. 3 of 1987 on penal code, amended by virtue of Federal Law No. 34 of 2005, amended by virtue of Federal Decree-Law No. 7 of 2016.


How to cancel judicial deportation:

A foreigner who has been sentenced to judicial deportation may not return to enter the state again, except by submitting what is known as a plea request for mercy to the public prosecutor’s office, which is a request submitted to the public prosecutor’s office, attached with all the data relating to the deported person, By explaining in the plea request for mercy all the justifications, reasons, documents and necessary evidence supporting his request. And the request is sent to a special committee to take a decision on lifting the deportation order.

In such cases, we advise The person who decided to submit a plea request or sympathy in the UAE must seek the assistance of a well versed lawyer who’s specialized in such matters, and the lawyer, in turn, will write the proper and professional legal formulation for the plea request for mercy, and he will also follow all the procedures for the plea request.

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