What is Insurance Law?

Insurance generally is a contract between two parties (Insurer and Insured), the insured pays an amount of money to the insurer in return of a documented promise that in case of any losses whether related to property, sickness or death; the insurer will reimburse a certain amount of money to the insured as defined in their insurance contract or policy.
Insurance law regulates the relation between the insurance company and the insured in case of any disputes arises between insurance companies together or Insurance company and insured.

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At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates our team consists of the best insurance lawyers in Dubai whether you are a business or individual we can be on your side and offer advice, representation or dispute resolution for any insurance related issues be it a health insurance, motor insurance, property insurance or life insurance.
Our client’s demands are of utmost priority to us, we understand, analyze and conclude so we can provide the very best law services in the market. Our team of lawyer can draft, review insurance policies and recommend changes in the policy wording to make sure of its compliant with the law and to provide the most protection possible for our client against any non-valid claims.

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