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Private Notary

Private Notary

One of the Government initiatives aiming to achieve the same levels of services of the Notary Public, we provide the public with services within the competency of the notary public according to law, but with exception that the service of the Private Notary is electronic smart one and available seven days a week and 24 hours a day by personal attendance or video call.

Trusted Services

 The authentication services we provide are approved by the competent authorities. You will be able to certify the editor of the Ministry UAE Foreign Ministry.

List of fees approved by Dubai Courts.

Office timing -Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

An extra fee of AED 1000 into the total fee of the transaction for providing Service out of working time, weekend, and public holidays.

An extra fee of AED 500 into the total fee of the transaction for Emergency services (requesting urgent services).

For inquiries, please contact the following:

Email: notary@alnajjarlawyer.com & Phone: 045642777 – 0543177304

Work Mechanism:

1- Sending transaction form plus attachments on email: notary@alnajjarlawyer.com

2- The transaction shall be reviewed, and contact shall be made to client via email or phone regarding the required documents to prepare the transaction on the Smart System.

3- The transaction shall be prepared on the system after requirements are met, then an electronic form will send to the client through email for review and approve it with confirmation.

4- After approval, coordination with the client to set the suitable time for video call and signing with the Notary.

5- At the meeting, the signatory will be requested to present his original ID/passport in front of the camera.

6- In the end, the signatory will receive an OTP (One Time Password) at his registered phone number, and email which will be shared with the Private Notary to authorize the notarization transaction, and when entered the system, it is automatically transformed into a barcode, which is the digital signature of the signatory.

7- After signing, the notarizing is approved, and then the notarized document send to the client by e-mail.

(Notary meetings duration are usually 5 minutes max)

Regulatory Controls for Our Services:

1- We carry out the work and accomplish our services to you honestly, carefully, and professionally, relying on experienced legal specialists and competent administrators.

2- Your documents and all your instruments and the confidentiality of your transactions and consultations are preserved and surrounded by the utmost attention and confidentiality.

3- Preparing your instruments in the legal form that is valid for attestation and approval, whereby such instruments will be checked and the reasons for their full ratification are verified.

4- Your application remains under final completion with us for a maximum of 15 days from the date of its submission, provided that during this period you complete our ratification requirements, including your final signature.

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