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Tadbeer Abu Dhabi

Tadbeer Service:

A picture of enhancing cooperation between the government sector and the private sector, which is a labor offices in Abu Dhabi licensed by the Ministry of human resources and Emiratisation in the UAE, its role lies in the recruitment of domestic workers from outside the country to the UAE under the supervision of the ministry, and offers these services to citizens and residents.

Flexible work:

It shall be on an hourly, day, week or month basis with the employer, and the auxiliary labor shall be sponsored by the office or the employer.

full work:

It is under a temporary or permanent contract, and the surety is also borne by the employer or the office.

The Tadbeer Center is located in the various emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The locations of the Abu Dhabi Tadbeer Center are as follows:

Mazyad Mall, Khalidiya, Zayed Industrial City, Ministries District, Bahia and others.


The "Tadbeer" Service provides these categories of jobs for each gender between:


  1. housemaid
  2. private sailor
  3. watchman and security guard
  4. household shepherd
  5. family chauffeur
  6. parking valet workers
  7. household horse groomer
  8. household falcon care-taker and trainer
  9. domestic laborer
  • housekeeper
  • private coach
  • private teacher
  • babysitter/nanny
  • household farmer
  • gardener
  • private nurse
  • private PRO
  • private agriculture engineer

It should be noted here that there are certain professions that are subject to certain conditions and controls such as:

1- Household farmer: the applicant must own a farm

2 – Private nursing: the applicant must have a monthly salary of at least AED 25,000 unless the applicant has critical health conditions that require the presence of a nurse at all times according to a certified medical report.

3- household horse groomer and : the applicant must present the original of the animal statistics card, which will prove the argument to the sponsor, or provide what is known as the horse passport in case of sais request.

4-private driver: it is required in this profession that the employer owns more than one car, except in some cases, such as that the employer is unable to drive because of special health conditions confirmed by duly certified medical reports, or that the employer is elderly, widowed or divorced.

5- Nanny, housemaid, Cook:

The employer or applicant must be the head of the family and have children, he must provide the ownership of the house, and a certificate of income to confirm the material condition that enables him to bear the expenses and expenses of domestic labor.

Operating packages provided by "Tadbeer" Abu Dhabi service:

Mediation package, six-month temporary operation package, two-year temporary operation package, flexible operation package.

1-Mediation package:

It is called the “mediation” package because Tadbeer office acts as a mediator between the labor coming from abroad and the employer or applicant in Abu Dhabi or the related emirate.

The costs of recruiting workers from abroad in a mediation package vary according to nationality – knowing that these costs do not include fees for government procedures for issuing visas, residence, medical examination and others – and have been determined by a maximum as follows:

Indonesia and Sri Lanka:

AED 15,000


14,500 AED


AED 12,000


AED 7,000


AED 14,000


AED 5,000

Kenya and Uganda:

AED 6,500


2-Six-months package:

It is a temporary employment package that provides domestic labor registered on the center “Tadbeer” ending with the transition, in which the office “Tadbeer” provides domestic service for only six months, the auxiliary Labor can be transferred to a resident labor with the employer or family before the end of the six months but after the passage of three months change this service; provided the consent of the concerned parties.

Monthly costs and sponsorship transfer costs have been determined as follows:

Philippines Indonesia

Sponsorship transfer cost: AED 8,000

Monthly cost: AED 2,500

Sri Lanka

Sponsorship transfer cost: AED 8,000

Monthly cost: AED 2,200

Nepal India

Sponsorship transfer cost: AED 6,000

Monthly cost: AED 2,250


Sponsorship transfer cost: AED 4,500

Monthly cost: AED 2,250

Ethiopia and Uganda

Sponsorship transfer cost: AED 3,500

Monthly cost: AED 2,300


Sponsorship transfer cost: AED 3,500

Monthly cost: AED 2,250


3-Two-years package:

It is a two-year temporary employment registered at Tadbeer; however, unlike a six-month temporary employment, this type of employment cannot be transitioned from temporary employment to employment that is resident with the employer or family.

The cost of this package is as follows:

Philippines and Indonesia: AED 2,500

Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Uganda: AED 2,300

Nepal, India, Kenya, and Bangladesh: AED 2,250

Flexible labor package:

It is a labor provided by the service of the center” Tadbeer”, whose costs vary according to the specific working hours without being bound by a nationality where this package includes all nationalities :

4 hours per day: AED 120

8 hours per day: AED 200

Week: AED 1,120

Month: AED 3,500

6 months: AED 3,250 per month

Year: AED 3,000 per month

Laws governing and regulating rights and duties between the parties:

The laws and regulations governing the rights and duties of auxiliary service workers are the responsibility of the Ministry of human resources and Emiratisation rather than the Ministry of Interior.


The new law codifies and regulates four main key areas:

Rights and privileges

Terms and conditions of employment contracts

Employment recruitment centers “Tadbeer”



The regulations and obligations between both the employer and the domestic workers are determined according to the text of federal law No. 10 of 2017 as follows:

* The employer or the applicant must provide the assistance workers recruited from abroad all information about the nature of the work and its conditions and conditions, including the rights and duties of the worker, days off, annual leave, rest times, Insurance, sick leave, and wages . The employer must also inform the domestic worker of his obligations during the performance of the work as well as respect for the privacy of the employer.

*One of the duties of the employer is that he must not force or force the prepared worker to perform a certain quality of work or provide some service that is not agreed upon in the employment contract.

* The employer has the right to inform the ministry if the assistant worker is absent from work within 48 hours or a maximum of 5 days without prior notice from him to the employer.

You can see the text of federal law No. 10 of 2017 regulating the rights and duties of domestic workers through the following link:


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