What is Commercial Law?

Commercial law is also known as trade law. It applies to the relations, rights and conduct of persons or
business engaged in activities such as commerce, trade, sales or merchandising.
Commercial law has many categories including merchant shipping, carriage by land or sea, marine, bills of
exchange, contracts and partnership. Many of these categories fall under financial law as an aspect of
commercial law. Commercial law mainly regulates corporate contracts, manufacture and sales of consumer
goods and hiring practices

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At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we understand the market very well and we keep up with any updates in the trading market. Our team forms the best commercial lawyers in Dubai and the UAE and their expertise is extended to multiple commercial codes including selling, importing, buying, exporting, brokerage, security laws and regulations. If you are a potential investor and would love to understand more about procuring a safe and stable investment and ROI, we can help you with that through our partners and provide you with the full commercial and legal review of the market and the opportunities available to generate the highest ROI possible for your field of investment.

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Our distinguished team of lawyers specializes in numerous law aspects. Together, we form the best legal consultants in Dubai and U.A.E. Our diversity and inclusion are vital components of our practice.


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