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What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law generally speaking is the body of law that regulates entry and exit alongside with internal rights for example; duration of stay, freedom of movement and the right to take part in activities inside the country like commerce or government activities.
It refers to national regulations, statutes and legal precedents governing immigration to a certain country or deportation.

How can we help?

At Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates we have the best immigration lawyers in Dubai and UAE working on a solid principle and extremely committed as well as client-centric in their approach. Our team with their deep knowledge in the immigration law field can tailor accurate solutions which always meet our client’s expectations and match their needs.
Diversity in our team members and being one of our values always helps us to understand the requirements of our clients and base our solutions on a deep understanding and analysis of each and every case. Immigration cases sometimes are extremely challenging and this challenge requires very inclusive knowledge combined with experience and creativity to tailor the best solution and guarantee the best outcome for our clients.

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